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History of Glen Innes

The History of Glen Innes
What i know
What i want to know
What ive learned
Glen Innes was a central trading route between the Manukau and waitemata harbours

Smoked eel from the makau was traded for smoked mullet in the mahurangi

The gentle shore line made it an easy landing place for waka and canoes

That the area was known as ukutoia, meaning the sound of a waka being pulled ashore

A year after william Innes Taylor passed on his widow Anne went for a trip to england with three of their twelve children

That Glenbrae was known as Tamaki No.5 and was built in 1955.

That all the street names are english apart from Taniwha st.

How old is Glen Innes?

Why did people use waka (canoes)?

Why is Glen Innes called Glen Innes?

Why did they used to trade smoked eel in exchange for smoked Mullet?

What was the first building in Glen Innes?

When was Glen Innes found?

What are the main streets in Glen Innes?

Glen Innes was built in 1849 and was found in 1952 which makes it 165 years old

People used waka (canoes) because the roads weren’t built so they used the Tamaki River

Glen Innes is called Glen Innes because of a man named William Innes Taylor Who owned a big farm on which Glen Innes is built

By 1960, 20 shops had been opened for business and a further 16 were under construction.

The main streets in Glen Innes are Catchinga road, Taniwha Street and Apirana Avenue.

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