Friday, 24 November 2017

Rangitoto poem

Rangitoto is a volcano that erupted long ago,
And all it’s lava turned into stone.
Look at the sky, look at the ground
When we reached the top i felt very proud

I was very hot like fire in the air
Some people were so fit they didn’t even care
We all ran down like a pack of cheetahs
We were so hungry we felt like a million pizzas
We smelt the salty sea
The water was as beautiful as can be
I felt very good to be out of the city
I drank all my water and said “oh what a pity!”

On the way up we met Saint Keint School
We were so hot we wanted to take a dip in a pool

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  1. Awesome work on this poem about rangitoto i love how it rymes a lot


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