Thursday, 10 August 2017

Following Directions

Giving Directions
  • To get from Glenbrae School to Te Oro

  • You will need a map

  • First walk out the Gates and turn left
  • Walk towards the street crossing look both ways and safely cross the road
  • Then walk towards Fenchurch Street and turn right onto Fenchurch Street
  • Once your on Fenchurch Street walk towards Taniwha Street
  • Once you're at the end of Fenchurch Street turn left onto Taniwha Street and walk towards the roundabout
  • Go straight ahead past the Roundabout and walk on Line Road to the Police Station
  • Then turn left walk past the Police Station and your destination is there  

Following Directions

Following Directions
Purpose:To provide instructions about how to make or do something.

  • To walk from Tim's house at 14 banks Road to Millers Park
  • You will need a map
  • Walk to the end of Banks Road                         
  • Turn Left into high street
  • Go past the new book shop
  • Stop at the street crossing
  • Press the silver button at the pole
  • Wait for the traffic to stop and the green ‘walk’ sign to flash
  • Look both ways,Then walk across High street
  • Turn left and walk to the corner of High street and Bridge Road
  • Turn right and walk up Bridge Road to the River path
  • IMG_0449 (1).JPGFollow this path to Millers Park

Giving Directions

Giving Directions

A visitor has come to Glenbrae School and she wants to get to Morrison Funeral Director (Line Road)

A Map that will tell her the directions to her destination. (Morrison Funeral Director)

  • Turn Left at Leybourne Circle
  • Look both ways and wait for the traffic to go past and safely cross the road
  • Turn right and walk about 5 meters
  • Then turn Left and walk about 100 meters on the footpath all the  way to the end of Fenchurch Street
  • Look both ways and carefully cross the road on to Taniwha St and walk down to the roundabout
  • Go left and wait for the cars to go past and cross the road safely across the road
  • Then walk straight ahead and And you will reach Line road where her destination is

Friday, 4 August 2017


Yesterday, was our first day of clubs for term 3.We did a lot of fun activities with Mr Mooyman in room 4. We had to build blocks and after each block we put on we had to take a picture and once we were finished building the blocks to the top we would start taking the blocks off and taking more pictures to form a video. This app was called stop motion.

Once we were finished making our first animation video Mr Moeman gave us some playdo to make another video but Ezekiel and I didn’t make a video.We just did a video of building the blocks and removing the blocks and me dabbing at the end and me doing moon walk. It was very difficult to make the blocks not move out of place.

Friday, 23 June 2017


On a fine sunny evening, our family, Dad, Mum, Harry, Jacob, and Amy had a BBQ outside in the backyard at 3:35. Because Nan was coming from Australia to help out because grandpa was in hospital.

While dad was cooking the steaks on the BBQ with his brandy, Harry was with his brother jacob struggling to put on his new fancy new tuxedo which he found very uncomfortable to wear in front of other people. Especially when his Nan was coming. She would be snuggling and hugging him all day and he would be really embarrassed.

In the meantime Nan was driving through our house driveway and dad got so dizzy from drinking too much of his brandy and Harry was in his room thinking of something mannered to say to Nan when she walked through the front door.

Harry heard the doorbell ring and supposed it was our cat Prince walking through his cat door until he heard a soft voice.”Hello is anybody there?”.Harry raced down the stairs to open the door and all he saw was a big 6 foot shadow that warped it’s tentacles around him.But when he properly felt it he realised it was his Nan hugging him.Harry had a sigh of relief that it wasn't an alien trying to kill HIM!.

Harry told Nan that we were cooking a BBQ and  that he would take her jacket and all her baggage until he realised she had neither of those things.Harry went to go ask if the food was ready because Nan just arrived.Dad was sitting on the picnic table staring at the sky as if he was in Candyland.I yelled at him to wake up but it seemed to do no affect to him so i yelled even louder, “DAD GET UP!”.The yelling was so loud but still did not affect

Harry sprinted like the wind to the BBQ and tried to turn it off.He lifted up the cover and he jumped as far back as possible because the fire jumped up into his face and nearly burnt his face OFF.He raced to Nan and tried to tell her that dad passed out on the picnic table and the BBQ was on fire.But it was hard to push her away if she went for a hug.

“NAN NAN, FIRE FIRE!”.Nan called the fire brigade and Harry woke dad up by pouring 5 buckets of water on him, in the meantime, Nan got Jacob but sadly could not get Mum.Mum was trapped in her room with the fire and fainted because she inhaled to much smoke

The firemen ran past me and told Harry to evacuate the house now.Harry raced out out of the house.The firemen took out the fire.The firemen were able to get Mum out of the house.And once the fire was taken out Harry and his family went to visit grandpa and he had recovered.And they all lived happily ever after.

Monday, 19 June 2017

History of Glen Innes

The History of Glen Innes
What i know
What i want to know
What ive learned
Glen Innes was a central trading route between the Manukau and waitemata harbours

Smoked eel from the makau was traded for smoked mullet in the mahurangi

The gentle shore line made it an easy landing place for waka and canoes

That the area was known as ukutoia, meaning the sound of a waka being pulled ashore

A year after william Innes Taylor passed on his widow Anne went for a trip to england with three of their twelve children

That Glenbrae was known as Tamaki No.5 and was built in 1955.

That all the street names are english apart from Taniwha st.

How old is Glen Innes?

Why did people use waka (canoes)?

Why is Glen Innes called Glen Innes?

Why did they used to trade smoked eel in exchange for smoked Mullet?

What was the first building in Glen Innes?

When was Glen Innes found?

What are the main streets in Glen Innes?

Glen Innes was built in 1849 and was found in 1952 which makes it 165 years old

People used waka (canoes) because the roads weren’t built so they used the Tamaki River

Glen Innes is called Glen Innes because of a man named William Innes Taylor Who owned a big farm on which Glen Innes is built

By 1960, 20 shops had been opened for business and a further 16 were under construction.

The main streets in Glen Innes are Catchinga road, Taniwha Street and Apirana Avenue.