Monday, 22 May 2017

Today room 10 had kiwi sports in the hall on Thursday 18 may 2017. There was another coach called Antonia working with Chrissy.

First, We did a warm up shore, shark, sea. We had to run to one side of the hall, when she called shore and if she said sea you run to the other side of the hall. But if you called out shark you run the other side of the hall.

After that, we did four different types of passes, one of them were called a chest pass, the rest of the passes were called bounce pass, overhead, and a shoulder pass. It was very challenging and difficult to try and pass and catch the ball both.

Soon after that, we got in a group of six and one half would go behind a cone which  was on one end of the court and the other half would go on the opposite side.Then we walked with the ball to your other half of the group turning the ball around our weights without dropping the ball. We did three other challenging things were putting the ball through our legs, over and under, and throw the ball up and clap three times before catching the ball. It was very difficult.

Finally, we all came in and put the balls back. This was a lot more challenging than room 10’s first Netball lesson.

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