Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fitness challenge

Today room 10 had a fitness challenge.We challenged the other house's in our class.The kowhai house was represented by Maya,Iki,Richie,Kue'a And me.

The first activity was running.We ran three laps around the courts.Our house completed the run in 2minuts and 55 seconds.

The second activity was push ups.The best male push up participation was Tangimetua and the best female participation was Candice and Kalo.

Then we all did sit ups.This activity was very challenging.I felt very good about this because i am good at doing sit ups because i do it at home with my dad and brother and sister.

Next, we took part in the shuttle run.We had to sprint to the centre of the courts and back to our base for this activity.It was very tiring.

Finally we gathered at the starting point to decide on the scores.Then we went back to our classroom to tell the scoring

I felt very energised also sore after this challenge.We will try our best to stay as a group when we were running for the next challenge.

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